Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the Broadwater Community Connections Newsletter. I originally started this project with BCDC to coordinate all the non-profits in Broadwater County to assist in their fund raising and project coordination endeavors. This newsletter is just the beginning. I’m hoping this newsletter will be a catalyst for any non-profit, board, or community minded citizen to ask for or offer assistance, expertise or funds to benefit other organizations and share their ideas or needs. We all have the same drive and hope that we can make a difference for Broadwater County and, over the years, the little things we have done have made a huge impact for thousands of citizens. But there is so much more we can do. Please share your comments about how this newsletter can grow to meet these efforts. I will hopefully add a list or make available a list of volunteers or organizations that need volunteers; grants and funding available for different projects; grant writers and other suitable assistance. BCDC’s email is bcdc@mt.net. My personal email is hahnsupply@mt.net.

John Hahn

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