Mission:The Broadwater Community Foundation (BCF) builds a community endowment fund that develops resources to enhance the quality of life and shape the future of Broadwater County.

About Us:

Broadwater Community Foundation (BCF) is a permanent endowment fund created in 1993 by and for the people of Broadwater County. We serve as catalysts and supporters of good works to address community needs and challenges.

Funds raised by BCF are placed in an endowment under the supervision of the Montana Community Foundation in Helena, Montana, where they are invested and managed with the goal of “growing” the fund. Each year a percentage of the earnings from the fund are available for the BCF Board of Directors to grant out to support local projects that will improve our community.

The BCF Board of Directors is a group of dedicated local volunteers who work diligently on behalf of the foundation to increase public awareness, raise funds, support community projects, and provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors. We are your neighbors and our goal is to help ensure that the quality of life we so cherish continues in our community. We appreciate your support and hope that you consider giving again, or for the first time, to BCF this year. Remember your donations are tax deductible!

Contact Us:

Broadwater Community Foundation

PO Box 371 Townsend, MT 59644

President: Carole Plymale 266-3590

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