Townsend Flea Market at Cook's Mansion

Townsend Flea Market at Cook's Mansion

Come to the First annual flea market at Cook's Mansion. Over 40 vendors of all types!

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Broadwater Community Theater presents "I am whispering at the top of my voice!"

Broadwater Community Theater presents "I am whispering at the top of my voice!"

Broadwater Community Theater is set to present its fourth play: "I am whispering at the top of my voice!" Play director Gabby Bakkum continues to roll out Broadwater Community Theater’s summer plays. Beginning today and Saturday, July 24 Bakkum will present “I Am Whispering at the Top of My Voice,” at 7:00pm at the Lodge, 131 So. Cedar. The play, written by Jon Jory, tells of several characters, one of whom is a young woman who is given a warehouse full of money by a genie. Others include a cheerleader who cheers for her mother while the mom hooks rugs and an activitist who dresses up as the Statue of Liberty to bring world peace. Nothing in this delightful evening is exactly as it seems as laughs and tears abound. The play “Brothers Grimm Spectaculon” has been moved back to Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1 at 3:00 due to conflicting schedules for the actors, according to director Bakkum. BCT regrets any inconvenience that may cause. Tickets for the both plays are available at the MSU Extension Service at the old Opportunity Bank building on Broadway in Townsend or by calling 475-4016. Summer Season Sponsors are Bill Kearns and Canyon Ferry Mercantile and Ice Cream, Townsend Drug and Spirits, J.L Wright and Goose Bay Glass. Broadwater Community Theater is underwritten by the Fun For Life Program, a nonprofit organization which gives scholarships to Townsend Elementary students in art, theater, music and foreign language.

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58th Broadwater County Fair and Rodio

58th Broadwater County Fair and Rodio

August 4-8,2021 Saddle up for FUN! We will have lots of things to see and experience including a live concert by El Wencho. We are also featuring some of our amazing local talend and musicians "Under the Tent" for everyone to enjoy!

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Townsend Skate Board Project

Townsend Skatepark Project

Several months back, STOKE, (Science, Technology, Outdoors, Knowledge, and Entrepreneurship), a newly formed and now, 501(c)3 status organization, looked at helping build a skatepark for the kids and young adults in Townsend. This would be a good start for STOKE to help kids with certain skills, such as soft skills (communication with community leaders), fundraising, etc. and provide the local youth with a much needed outdoor activity.

STOKE members and youth researched the project, acquired site options, made an initial visit to the City Council, which was well received, and learned that if placed on the city or county property that no additional insurance premiums were needed if built by a professional Skatepark builder. This was huge. The Montana Skatepark Association in Missoula was contacted and Chris Bacon, the chairman, has been very gracious with information and assistance. Jeff Ament, bass player for Pearl Jam, a well-known band from the 80’s, a native Montanan and avid skateboarder, has been contacted and has been enthusiastic about building a skatepark in Townsend. After sending several emails and getting a petition signed for support, we were contacted by Billy Coulon of the Evergreen Skateparks, who designs and constructs skateparks worldwide, with a potential time slot to build a 3000 sqft skatepark in Townsend. Because he is building a skatepark in Superior soon, he had enough time to slip us in. He has been in contact with Chris Bacon and Jeff Ament, who together have dedicated $100,000 of free money to the Townsend skatepark construction project. Montana is the only state that has this free money. In all other states, the cities or counties must save or fundraise their own money. One city saved for twenty years, collecting $500,000 for their park. With minimal mobilization costs and other factors, Billy said they could build us this smaller skatepark (small by his standards), starting within two weeks (as of July 27) at a cost of $33/sf (most run $45-$50/sf), a great bargain for these times. STOKE hustled as hard as we could to make the short time frame but three days to acquire a project go ahead from the City Council was inadequate.

Billy really wants to do this project as he enjoys building in Montana and since STOKE was the “Squeaky Wheel” we were at the top of the list. Billy said “if I can pull a rabbit out of the hat, I can still possibly make this happen in two months”. He has a job in Superior, MT that he was going to do after us but he might do an addition to Browning’s skatepark, then Superior, then us. We can only hope for the best but we must get all of I’s dotted and our T’s crossed, probably within the next few weeks to cash in on this great opportunity. We must be ready this time as the opportunity may not afford itself for a few years or maybe not at all. The $100,000 is the last of the grant cycle for this year for the Montana Skatepark Assoc. and who knows what the future may bring.

Our hope is to build the skatepark in McCarthy Park. There are two locations that could work with the one at the south west corner being possibly the best. We had Holloway Park picked as another location but that might be out as the city is looking into another very large project there, possibly leaving no room for a skatepark. Billy designs a unique skatepark for each town or city so there is no cookie cutter design here. It takes Billy 50 hours to do the design but he must know the location, site specs and drainage possibilities to do his job correctly.

We feel that this is a very worthwhile addition to our parks and town. All of the other towns that we have talked with that have skateparks have activity from skaters, BMX bikers and scooters, over and above their expectations. Please help us in supporting this project and providing positive comments and even funding. The more we gather, the larger we can make it. There will also be a need for funds for re-landscaping, signage and other incidentals. Thank you.

On July 25, 2021 Linda Huth will present the third in the series “A Walk Down Mainstreet”.  Join us at the Broadwater County Museum for a fascinating history of the buildings along Townsend’s main street.

The presentation will begin at 2:00 at the Museum – 133 North Walnut Townsend, MT

Part 4 of the Series will be on August 22 at 2:00 at the Museum


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