Big Sky Culinary Classes & The Lodge of Townsend are pairing up once again, to initiate an elevated, fine dining experience IN Townsend!

We all know there is a need and desire for a different fare, a high quality food establishment that we can enjoy without having to drive to another town, here in Townsend.

Together we are collaborating to create a restaurant type environment that feels, looks, tastes and exemplifies the styles we drive miles to experience.

Heather Hatwan & Tina Homann believe bringing to Townsend what we (and your expressed interest) ourselves would like to enjoy & would benefit the community immensely. Our idea is to have 3 course dinners, 4 times a year with a full kitchen staff and wait staff. This concept would be a “Reservation Only” dinner to help us prepare efficiently to provide you with the service and meal you deserve. The menus will be carefully curated using the freshest of local ingredients including vegetables, grains and meats.

Chef Heather’s Prix Fixe menu will be available for you to view online on the Big Sky Culinary Classes website 2 weeks in advance to each dinner. The deadline for  Dinner #1 reservations is June 1st.  Reservations can be made a few different ways; By calling Heather  @ 303-406-1501, emailing through the BSCC website portal or simply emailing

Our 1st dinner will be held on June 8th at The Lodge with 2 seatings, reservation only. Our 1st seating will be promptly at 6 pm, the 2nd seating at 6:45 pm no later than 7 pm. We will have menus for you to review what you will be served that evening but there will be no “ordering” per se.

The Lodge has no liquor license, therefore you are invited to bring your own alcohol, wine or beer, maybe a nice whiskey or scotch to enjoy during your meals. We will provide water and coffee, cream and sugar, wine and bottle openers etc…

The price per person, for our 1st dinner, is $55 for a 3 course steak dinner. If you make a reservation for 2 people the price will reduce to $50/person, $100 for both (limited to 2 people). We will also offer incentives for you if you make reservations for all 4 of the dinners we are offering. The 1st will be a steak dinner, the 2nd we will highlight seafood, the 3rd will consist of a 3 course meal with chicken or duck as our main course and for our 4th menu, lobster!

Chef Heather and her team are very excited about this new opportunity with you and look forward to starting something great that we all have been wanting for a long time here in Townsend! No pizza, (maybe an elevated flatbread) no bar food (but food “above the bar”), a sophisticated environment with professionally trained staff! Help us make this experience something we can continue to look forward to.

We’d love to see familiar faces and not so familiar faces! So if you know friends, family or coworkers of yours that are not on this email list, please feel free to forward & share this email and information with anyone you think would appreciate this dinner and experience.

We look forward to serving you!

Chef Heather Hatwan & Tina Homann