District Administrator Position Description for Broadwater Conservation District

Job Title:  District Administrator for the Broadwater Conservation District (BCD).

Accountable to:  Chairman of the BCD Board of Supervisors

General Position Description:

The Broadwater Conservation District Administrator will serve as an advocate for improving natural resource conditions of Broadwater County utilizing available technical, financial, and educational resources, and focusing or coordinating them to meet the needs of the local land user for conservation of soil, water, and related resources.

Status:  The position is part-time [with potential for full time] averaging 35 hours per week.

Hours and days of work may vary according to the needs of the Broadwater Conservation District and the employee, but it is preferable that workdays be designated.  The employee will serve a six-month probationary period.  Funding for this position is based in part on the availability of Administrative grant funds.

Office Location:  Townsend NRCS Field Office, USDA Building, 415 South Front Street, Townsend, MT 59644


  • Medical: The employee is eligible to earn a health stipend upon completion of the probationary period.
  • Leave: The employee will accrue vacation and sick leave credits, which can be used after a

6-month probationary period.  96 hours sick leave and 120 hours annual leave per year

  • Retirement: Required enrollment in State retirement system. Employee/Company contributions.


The Administrator will be an employee of the Broadwater Conservation District and will serve a six-month probationary period.

Travel:   The Administrator must have transportation, a valid driver’s license, and proof of vehicle liability insurance.  Occasional travel to various Conservation District and related meetings is expected.  The employee will be reimbursed for travel expenses and mileage at the State reimbursement rate.

Description of Duties:

  • Daily operation of the BCD and provides administrative and communications support to the Board of Supervisors.
  • Organize and edit all incoming information for Board meetings. Assist the Chairman in organizing meetings and developing agendas for BCD monthly meetings. Board meetings are held every third Tuesday, once a month.
  • Prepare monthly bills for approval by Supervisors and makes timely deposits. Maintain District financial records and track individual fund balances.
  • Prepare financial reports, including a monthly balance sheet, for the BCD Board at monthly meetings.
  • Maintain time sheets and prepare payroll.
  • May have to prepare quarterly reports for federal and state taxes, unemployment, and worker’s compensation if contractor is unable.
  • Maintain records of Supervisor’s terms of office and election dates, and track Supervisor attendance at meetings for travel reimbursement.
  • Prepare and submit grant applications as directed by the BCD Board, perform grant administration and reporting in accordance with grant rules and deadlines for the BCD.
  • Prepare draft budget for approval of BCD Board prior to fiscal year ending June 30.
  • Assist the NRCS office staff by answering phone, greeting customers, relaying messages, etc. if so desired by the NRCS District Conservationist.
  • Assist in long range planning process. Meet and coordinate the needs of the annual plan of operation as established by the Board.
  • Participate in employee training opportunities.
  • Administer the Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (S.B. 310) for the Conservation District by providing information and assistance with forms, receiving, and reviewing applications, forwarding application to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, scheduling team inspections, and maintaining an annual log of permit numbers and actions taken.
  • Maintain an organized filing system.
  • Solicit and assist with landowner orders for conservation trees and shrubs, sort orders, and arrange for landowner pickup.
  • Responsible for tree planter and fabric layer rental, scheduling maintenance, and collecting rental fees.

Communication and Outreach

  • Serve as primary point of contact and liaison for the Broadwater CD.
  • Provide information and distribute educational materials relevant to the District, utilizing events such as Ag Day, Broadwater County Fair, etc.
  • Attend meetings with stakeholders and resource groups to inform, update and/or coordinate on BCD activities such as tours, and other educational events.
  • Prepare articles for quarterly District newsletter, maintain updated mailing list, coordinate layout, printing, and distribution of the newsletter.
  • Prepare for functions such as banquets, awards, educational workshops, tours, etc.; provide for agenda, speakers, entertainment, location, equipment, educational materials, programs, door prizes, food and advertisement.
  • Coordinate with schools for education events, contests, workshops, speakers, materials, grant opportunities, distribution of conservation trees, and equipment for natural resource research.
  • Provide public information through media outlets on BCD activities, upcoming meetings, and opportunities for stakeholder participation and input.
  • Attend and participate in Montana Association of Conservations Districts (MACD) Conventions, Area Meetings, and other events relevant to the District.
  • Network with statewide Conservation Districts and CD partners such as MACD, FWP, USFS, NRCS, MRCDC, DNRC, MSU Extension Service, BLM, and others.
  • Establish and maintain an effective working relationship with co-workers, Supervisors, and the public.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  The Administrator shall be proficient in the following:

  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, Supervisors, and the public.
  • Grant writing and contract administration skills.
  • Computer use for word processing, spreadsheets, Power Point, and QuickBooks.
  • Ability to organize and present data.
  • Self starter, ability to work independently.  Maintain confidentiality.


  • High School diploma or above.
  • Rural background is helpful.
  • Knowledge of natural resource issues is helpful.
  • Office experience including bookkeeping, records management, grant management and computer proficiency

Terms of Employment:

The Administrator will be an employee of the Broadwater Conservation District and will serve a six-month probationary period.  Employees shall abide by the BCD Employee Handbook and the Laws Pertaining to Montana’s Conservation Districts.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the District provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

The Broadwater Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.