Level 1 of the Master Gardener program is starting on Wednesdays from February 22nd until April 12th at 6:00 PM in Townsend (location TBD).  This is an eight week gardening course geared towards beginning and intermediate gardeners.  It covers soils, fertilizer, compost, plant growth, vegetables, flowers, tree and lawn care, fruit production and integrated pest management.  Participants have the option of becoming a certified Master Gardener by passing a test and completing volunteer hours.  This is optional and many people take the class just for the educational content.

The class cost $90 which includes the Master Gardener Handbook, a binder of supplemental materials and snacks during class.  A refund of $25 will be given after completion of optional volunteer hours.  Class size is a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 25.  Signup anytime by emailing broadwater@montana.edu or calling 406-266-9242.

Allison Kosto
Extension Agent
MSU Extension – Broadwater County
416 Broadway
Townsend MT 59644
Office – 406-266-9242
Cellphone – 406-439-8863