Radersburg was one of the first boom towns in the Montana Territory. Early mining camps, specifically the Keating Mine in 1866 and the East Pacific claim in 1867 brought prospectors and business people to the area and created a home for 1,000 residents.

Radersburg, A Town that Split the Difference, received its name from the founder, Reuben Rader. Rader donated 40 acres and laid out the town site in early 1866, the Public Land office entered it as a town on July 16, 1872. Actress Myrna Loy was born in Radersburg and appeared in 129 movies from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.

From Broadwater Bygones

Named after the area’s largest landowner, Radersburg sprang up as early as 1866 as a mining town, and boomed in the late 1860s. In 1871, the town could boast “a first-class hotel,” the two story log Freemont Hotel. Radersburg can also boast of a first-class actress, as Myrna Loy-a glamorous early film star-was born in Radersburg in 1905. Today, the town serves as a gateway into the Elkhorn Mountains portion of the Helena National Forest. Just west of Radersburg, the Crow Creek Trail follows Crow Creek before reaching Crow Creek Falls. The hike, and others in the area, offer excellent stream fishing and the Elkhorn Mountains provide numerous opportunities to hike, backpack, camp and snowmobile.

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