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We want to offer some facts to help you become a happy resident. For more information go to the cities new web site link above.

SERVICES:  The City provides water, sewer and garbage pickup.  You pay according to certain formulas and the City staff can give you the amount you will be billed each month and tell you when garbage pickup is for your address.  There is one annual fee for lawn irrigation, billed in May, this will vary according to the size of your lot.  The City can impose restrictions on watering but usually asks for voluntary controls first.  These are to water on even days if your address is an even number and on odd days if it is odd.  If you feel there is a problem with your water or sewer, call us and we will check if it is in our lines.  We can’t go on your property to fix your service lines.

ANIMALS:  City dog licenses are required annually, fees depend on if the dog has been altered, proof of rabies vaccination is also a requirement.  Three (3) or more dogs need a kennel license.  Licenses Due by the end of May each year after that there will be a late fee unless you just moved into town.Additional information is available from the City office.

SECURITY:  The City of Townsend contracts with the Broadwater County Sheriff’s office for law enforcement.  In an emergency call 911, other questions call 266-3441.

TAXES:  City taxes are billed on your County tax bill which is payable twice a year – May & November.

CODES & ORDINANCES:  The City has adopted Building Codes, has a building inspector and Zoning.  Please check before doing any building or large repairs, roofing, installing fences, etc. as these need permits.  Zoning affects home based (and other) businesses as well as other matters and the fact that the previous owner did something does not mean it is still allowed.  It’s much easier to ask first about any changes you’d wish to make than to have problems later.  It is quite possible that both the previous owner and our excellent realtors do not have the latest information.

STREETS & ALLEYS:  The City has no control over the speed limits on Broadway and Front St.as these are State highways under the jurisdiction of the Montana Department of Transportation.  Most city streets have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour, but park areas, the school, and some other places may be posted for lower speeds.  Digging in the streets, alleys, or parks is not allowed unless permission is granted before hand.  The ‘swales’ on some streets that do not have curbs may not be changed in most cases.  Do not have them paved or filled with gravel as it will have to be removed.  If you have a problem, please check with the City Foreman to see if we can help.  We cannot go on private property, but may be able to help in some way.  Our alleys are very busy under the service with propane, gas, phone, cable and other lines and you should NEVER dig in them.

PARKS:  In the summer months our parks are quite busy and may be heavily scheduled.  Heritage Fun Park on South Pine may be reserved on a ‘first come, first served’ basis at no cost, the only requirement is that it be cleaned up after use.  However in this case “reserved” means that others who ask to use the park will be told that you plan to be there but we do not say they are not allowed as sometimes several users can be there at the same time.  We urge cooperation.

OTHER INFORMATION:  We’re happy you have chosen to live in Townsend and offer this information and any other help we have to make your stay here as stress free as possible.  Call or stop by if you’ve concerns or questions or if we’ve missed giving needed facts.